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Jared and Jensen speaking in their Texan accents... >>> IS JENSEN WEARING A SHIRT WITH JARED'S FACE ON IT? BRB DYING WITH LAUGHTER.

Jared & Jensen in Chicago: The Texan Accent, Yall Dear sweet baby Jesus. I'm from Texas and I don't really hear too many guys talk like that and I only have a slight accent that occasionally pops out like theirs but DEAR LORD!

So funny!  But there are flaws with Jared's drinking game...Jensen always looks like a model!

Drinking game rules from Jared and Jensen: Every time Sam says "Dean," and every time Jensen makes a "model face." Shmammered by the end of every episode.

Hahahaha JM

[SET OF GIFS] Misha and Jensen convention panel at - 'we like like you?' Oh God hahah


[GIFSET] probably how all their promo shoot shoots go...it's definitely so worth the click---

[GIFSET] probably how all their promo shoot shoots go --Jensen looks so confused. <<<< lol I wish I had friends like this. I'm Jared except without gorgeous hair and I'm not tall