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E se todas as histórias fossem contadas na época vitoriana?

Could you ever have guessed that so many superheroes would meet together in one photoshoot? This scenario becomes possible thanks to the project of Sasha Goldberger. He was able to accomplish this by transporting modern superheroes into Elizabetha...

Branded superheroes

Imagine if one day capitalism reaches the point, where the big brands starts to sponsor the superheroes. How would this influence their images? That’s the question that Roberto Vergati Santos invites with his Sponsored Heroes series. Based on this hypothesis, he decided to experiment with some characters, and see what would be the results of such idea

Jacques-Louis David: Self Portrait 1794 Musée du Louvre at Paris - David painted his first self-portrait in 1784, in which he looks like a figure by Fragonard. This picture, which he painted in prison after the fall of Robespierre, expressed--perhaps more fully than the others--David's power and truthfulness, his determination, lucidity, and self-respect.