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The 11 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2011

Incognito a fascinating, dynamic, faceted look under the hood of the conscious mind to reveal the complex machinery of the subconscious. Equal parts entertaining and illuminating, the book’s case studies, examples, and insight are more than mere talking points to impressed at the next dinner party, poised instead to radically shift your understanding of the world, other people, and your own mind. Source brain Pickings

The Brain That Changes Itself - an amazing, must-read book about the brain's amazing capacity to change and remodel itself. Neuroplasticity not only gives hope to those with mental limitations, or what was thought to be incurable brain damage, but expands our understanding of the healthy brain and the resilience of human nature.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. WWII non-fiction about an Olympic runner turned military pilot who is shot down and survives at sea on a life raft for weeks before being captured by the Japanese as POW.

Special labels for series fiction

ES- 030 The human brain processes images something like nine times faster than it does words. A series logo such as "American Girl" or "Animal Ark" is instantly recognizable by adult and child alik...

Bestseller books online The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values Sam Harris

This Explains Everything: 192 Thinkers on the Most Elegant Theory of How the World Works

This Explains Everything: 192 Thinkers Each Select the Most Elegant Explanation of How the World Works | Brain Pickings