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I love Dahl!!!! Wouldn't you love to be around a passionate person every single day??!! Let's try being the passionate person to reflect this trait on others!

Once someone has experienced a broken heart like myself, the last thing I would ever want to do is to be the reason to ever hurt anyone. Everything I've gone through has made me appreciative of love and a much more humble person.

Who’s ready for summer??? MEEEEEE!!! anthropologie: Designer Ian Coyle had a letterpress and an idea: print a daily thought for 73 days straight. The project, 73 Letterpress, is chock full of great one-liners, like the one above. Via: 73 Letterpress

i love taking things slow. i get scared when they rush things. i say now that i don't want to get married, but i'm sure that will change... someday :]