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Branded for attack - this is the Arabic letter isis are painting on doors to ethnically cleanse mosul. It is an n and stands for nazarene ie followers of Jesus. Please do repin this and if you believe please pray. Persecution is ongoing.

Um actually it should say that people believe that the prophet Muhammad told them to kill innocent people so next time you see one of these do your own research because most of it is bullcrap people just put out there and other people agree with it. -Sara

#ISIS is mass murdering and forcibly displacing #Christians. Much like Hitler's marking of the Jews, they're branding Christians with this symbol which in the end means Nazarene. They've already "cleansed" Mosul. If you'd like to stand in solidarity with our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Levant, you can find this symbol all over the net to use as your profile graphic and help bring awareness.