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Branded for attack - this is the Arabic letter isis are painting on doors to ethnically cleanse mosul. It is an n and stands for nazarene ie followers of Jesus. Please do repin this and if you believe please pray. Persecution is ongoing.

This is the letter "N" in Arabic. It is being used to brand Christians in Iraq who are being persecuted and murdered by ISIS terrorists. The letter "N" stands for Nazarene. I am posting this, along with thousands of others around the World, in hopes of raising awareness of their plight and lifting them up in prayer. May the Lord move and the World take action. Please join the fight and share this! via: Shona Judson Yesterday, worshipers in the Pakistani city of Peshawar were the target of one of the deadliest attacks against Christians - please pray for them

Calling yourself a Christian will not make you like Christ. Living everyday the way Christ would, although we may fail, never giving up, we will be closer with Him

Arrest Barack Obama for Treason. Fire Joe Biden.

I will pray for the persecuted church and that God's fame will spread to the ends of the earth.

...that is PROUD of America and believes in American Execellence. I WANT a Pres. who puts us First, supports our troops,KEEPS US SAFE and BELIEVES IN OUR CONSTITUTION! AN OBAMA FAIL--10/2014

.Hillary and her religion of peace Arrest Barack Obama for treason, fire Joe Biden.

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Absolutely! Obama isn't standing by our ally, Israel, and hold no doubt, he is nt standing with nor for the American people either. We the People of America stand with you, Israel and with Netanyahu!