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The last one is definitely my friend when I showed her Gravity Falls a few months after it aired, she rejected it. But then a few months before Gravity Falls ended she likes watching it and is attached, like reALLY???

Arod was ridden by Legolas in the movie, and played by a Percheron cross stallion, called Percy. Orlando said that Percy was the friendlest horse on the set. Oh my gosh he's adorableeeee! ^_^

How cool is that like ANYONE could be magical and we can't trust them yet. But a bunch of people know my full name O.O

This is one of my favorite real-life application projects that can be completed individually by students or in partners. The Create Your Own Menu project allows students to use their creativity to think of a type of restaurant they would open, name it, and create a menu for it all while practicing specific and vivid nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases. This lesson includes directions handout, student planning guide, and rubric. Created by Pride and Prepositions.

anytime someone is worth fangirling over, I learn things about them. 0_o not a stalker. a fangirl.

Week 3: ABSTRACT NOUNS Word List. I know when coming up with my own word activities, all the words escape my head. Here's a helpful list, that will help that if it happen to you, too. From Free Teacher Worksheets.

So I was at a book signing with my mom and we saw the author sitting nearby in a chair. I started having a silent fangirl moment. My mom walked right over to the author and whispered, "My daughter is trying not to freak out over meeting you." Naturally, I screeched, "MOM!" Everyone, including the author burst out laughing.

I don't have a self-contained classroom, but I still wanted to be able to efficiently post Centers for my 90 students. Each row is for a different class, with an envelope for the assigned center. The sticks have my student's names on them, which makes for quick and easy movement.