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simming-with-floaties: Boho Flare Pants Recolors (TS4) I made my first recolors you guys! So proud of myself tbh ;) They’re not perfect but they’re pretty darn good!  (∪ ◡ ∪) I am totally inspired by the new movie pack and all of it’s Bohemian style things, so I hope to recolor some more clothing just like this ^^  You need to download the MESH by @s4models ~ D O W N L O A D ~ Please like and reblog if you download, and I’d love to see your outfits using these pants so tag me!  ∧( ‘Θ’…

LL sneakers for males at Tok Sik via Sims 4 Updates Check more at

Here it is! Thank you so much for your follows and likes it means so much to me! You guys keep me motivated to keep going. If you were a tester you still need to download this one because the older file conflicts with accessories. Tag me if you use this hair and happy simming!

“ ✗ download here ✗ let me know if somethings not working ✗ id love to see your sims wearing it so feel free to tag me ✗ requests are welcome ”

Skater skirts; + mirror linkI absolutely love the skirts by youn-zoey, but I felt like I needed some plaid ones, so here they are! I really hope you like them. Please @ or tag me in your posts if you...

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