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Let's be sure to keep our furry family members safe- this is a great list of essential oils that are safe for DIFFUSING with dogs and cats. via

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How To Introduce Dogs and Cats (Without Someone Getting Hurt)

Learn how to properly introduce your dog and cat while keeping everyone safe. These dog and cat introduction steps can help you keep a comfortable, happy home.

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Dog and Cat Number Match Game for Preschoolers

Children seem to love cute little pictures.  Cute little pictures make learning fun.  I know I need cute little pictures to have fun learning, how about you? I found these adorable cards at our nearby Dollar Tree and knew I had to get them for our “C is for Cat” and “D is for Dog” …

* * KITTEN: " Calvin Klein, Dior, or Chanel, and stillz he cant's disguise de smell."

Cute dogs and cats. Funny cartoon and vector animal characters, isolated objects.

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Dog and Cat Flea Remedies

Natural and healthy flea killer. Try spraying Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to their fur after towel drying them! Fleas hate citrus! Plus it helps their coats :)

Save Black Dogs and Cats in Shelters From Being Disproportionately Euthanized - To mitigate Black Dog Syndrome, a phenomenon that causes shelters to indiscriminately euthanize black dogs and cats nationwide :-(