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Play This Paper Construction Game!

Judah enjoys interpreting art lol. This would be great! What IS That Thing? is a game for kids of all ages that uses scrap paper and junk from around the house! A great way to recycle, reduce, and reuse.


How to Make a Police Badge

Lots of kids wonder what it would be like to be a police officer. Celebrate the people who help keep our communities safe with this fun craft.

Police theme people who help us topic finger printing activity tray EYFS


Make Your Own Tap Shoes

Make Your Own Tap Shoes Activity

from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

4 Engineering Challenges for Kids (Cups, Craft Sticks, and Cubes

Remove the first cup & they start falling in a domino effect: 4 Engineering Challenges for Kids - with Cups, Craft Sticks, and Cubes. Fun for rainy days!!

from Pocket of Preschool

Pizza Centers for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

Pizza Centers for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten - Pocket of Preschool

from iGameMom

15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science for Kids

15 cool science YouTube channels kids love - learn science behind everyday phenomenon, watch fascinating science experiments, see science explanation of unexpected questions.

from Buggy and Buddy

How to Make Straw Rockets

Science for Kids: Making Straw Rockets


Sink or Float: A Science Experiment

Preschool and kindergarten SC.1.28 Use vocabulary that indicates understanding of scientific principles (e.g., sink, float, melt, solid, liquid). ELA.2.19 Make marks with writing tools.