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Just turned 12 years old, Sweet Dreams is so very sweet.  She's a dainty girl who looking for a soft bed and her very own loving family.  Is...

Giving thanks to the vet! After a long night of pumping his stomach and putting charcoal in…Bentley is ok!

‘Cast’ as the lead role Since she broke her leg, we will not let her play with her brother (who is a cat) because of her cast…

Smarter than YOU My mom left me alone for too long so I ate the Rubik’s Cube. She couldn’t do it anyways! #thatswhatyouget!

You mean that’s not part of a complete breakfast? Coco just ate the cat’s poop from the litterbox lol!

No news is good news? Elvis Pretzel (on the right) has outgrown the chewing and tearing up phase, but with the recent addition of puppy Tiny Dancer to the family, he’s up to his old shenanigans again.

The Barking Dead show cut short Our dog Lucy has figured out that when she’s outside and wants to see the family, all she has to do is pull the TV cable out of the wall and someone will come running out to see her!