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Don't let stains stay too long on your bag! Remove it yourself or bring your bag to a specialist right away!

Prom Tips Series: #1

Hey Beauties! We are so excited to announce that we are starting a new blog series called Prom Tips! In each post, we will give you 5 tips that will for sure help you get through prom without any tears, stains, or tears! Check out this post and keep checking back to get more info on how to have a disaster-free prom night! This post contains tips on how to brighten your smile, avoid stains, avoid hurting feet, how to look awesome in all photos, and how to have your lipstick stay on all night!

18 Fabulous Style Tips From Senior Citizens

My job is finding new trends, constantly looking for styles and planning trend books. I am interested and careful to fashion and trends. I assemble ideas, ispirations, colors and shapes and I offer my competence and ability in the world of fashion.

Easy Gloves Pattern for Your Winter Comfort

Unisex Easy to make Fleece Gloves pattern and tutorial. S to XL.

The Best At-home Hair Removal Systems

I like the colors. The drapy, loose outer layer, the boots, the texture/weave adds a "natural fibers" feel to it.

known on Ebay as Magic Moroccan Hare Color Changing Lipstick, (for $3.86!) this stuff is said to contain a dye called Red 27 that reacts to the pH balance and temperature of your lips, causing the color to turn a pinky-reddish hue. It looks a little bit different on everyone and it stays on for hours, so it's like your very own customized lip stain. But more intense, like an actual henna tattoo.

What you’ll need: -Any pair of flats, canvas shoes, or loafers -Mod Podge (available at craft stores) -Glitter (gold, silver, etc.) -Newspaper & a plate or bowl -Foam brushes or paint brushes -Clear coat spray paint (to make sure the glitter stays on!) First, you’ll want to stuff newspaper down into the shoe so that no glitter or glue gets inside! I removed the laces from my shoes also, just to make sure they didn’t get all gunked up. Pour some of the mod podge onto a plate or into a bowl…