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Sing to Jehovah vs. Sing Out Joyfully Comparison Chart

Did you know that six songs have been omitted from the new songbook? But there is lots of new stuff too! :-) Check out these and other fun statistics on our blog: New songs are always so fun! Which is your most favorite song of all? Can you name just one? Please let us know in the comments!

OMG ! my students love this song! they are gonna freak when we do this brain break! And then I'm going to have it stuck in my head and regret ever playing it.

The Book Fairy-Goddess: First Week of Lessons (PK-2nd)

doctor who funny | Tumblr Whoever wrote that comment, it wasn't was too touching the first time she freaking killed him don't make it happen again.

This Guy Can Dance To Any Song- I just watched this image dance for like 5 minutes with different songs.

from Polyvore

Re-post if you have a heart<3

Pinning to popular board- A girl in my school is bullying my friends, shes made them cut themselves, and she already cut herself. Good thing no one likes her now, though.. So no one believes in the lies she tells.

Would anybody like to be added to this board? «no pop music» comment c: have to be following the board so I can add you :3 *gets no comments* lol no okay


who else does this...

Teenager Post #10578 - "Just a somethin girl, blah blah blah blah blaaah blaaaaah blaahhhhhh GOIN ANYWHERE! DOOOOON'T STOP BELIEVE'IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (UPDATE: Holy-..Woah, that's a lot of repins. This just shows that whatever war we end up fighting, we can still have the knowledge of knowing that everyone can always relate to not knowing the words to selective songs. There you go planet earth, we actually can talk about something beside race and zombies!)


Phonics SECRETS™

This is one of my favorite secret stories! Just the mention of it and my kids pull back in their chairs, step on their imaginary brake, and make the sound. :)