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MSCC July 6 "What's It?" Wednesday-the flames aren't typical. Go to this MSCC link for the answer:

MSCC January 2017 Stars of the Show-a look back at ten years of car shows. Here's the link to see them all:

MSCC looks at the numbers game in the old car hobby--here's the link:

New month and new stories at MSCC. here's one about an ex-military '53 Chevy panel. Here's the link: #53Chevypanel

Can the car hobby help you escape the realities of the world? MSCC thinks so-here's the link: #carshows

MSCC looks at a '48 Anglia with a bad attitude. Here's the link: #48Anglia350Chevy

Will the original minivan be collectible? MyStar thinks so--read why in this MSCC link:

MSCC Star of the Week (Dec 19-25) Merry Christmas--this one might be obvious but here's the link:

MSCC December 2016--25 old rides that won't be coming home for Christmas. See them all in this link:

MSCC Dec 9 Star of the Day--the future of muscle car investment? Here's the link: #Capricewagon