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MSCC July 6 "What's It?" Wednesday-the flames aren't typical. Go to this MSCC link for the answer: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/whats-it-wednesday-a-mid-week-test-for-the-automotive-trivia-guys/

MSCC looks at the numbers game in the old car hobby--here's the link: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/whats-in-a-number-plenty-for-car-guys/

This will be the best '60 Olds 98 story you'll read this year--here's the MSCC link: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/december-2016-styling-in-a-1960-oldsmobile-98/ #Olds98

MSCC Star of the Week (Jan 16-22) Here's the link to see the winner: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/mscc-january-16-star-of-the-day-62-chrysler-300-the-letter-car-revisited/

MSCC Star of the Week (Jan 23-29) see it in this link: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/mscc-january-23-star-of-the-…/

MSCC looks at what's hot and what's not after the TV car auctions. Here's the link: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/monday-morning-quarterback-what-was-hot-and-what-was-not-at-barrett-jackson/

Big milestone today--today is the 1000th MSCC editorial so this one is about the last 999. That is a lot of opinions--here's the link: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/wow-mystar-just-hit-1000-edi…/

It's not factory but he painted his '70 Challenger pink for a reason--great MSCC story. Here's the link: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/january-2017-70-ta-challenge…/ #70DodgeChallengerTA

MSCC Jan 25 "What's it?" Wednesday--there's another clue in this link: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/january-4-whats-it-wednesday…/

January 2017 MSCC Fallen Stars--a winter look at a gone, but not forgotten car crop. Here's the link to see them all: http://mystarcollectorcar.com/january-2017-fallen-stars-checking-out-a-great-car-crop-one-of-winters-more-underrated-activities/

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