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YES. Which is how I end up procrastinating on so many things. "I'll just listen to one more song.....wait wait MORE song then I'll be done...." -2 hours later-" more song, that's it!" etc;



I know it's not "just a girly thing" but I LOVE that smell. It makes me think of spring and summer and it just makes me relax. ~justgirlythings~


Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Ξενώνων και Παρηγορητικής Φροντίδας

sometimes i just get urges to run up and hug those kind strangers!:)

All the little things, like snow on my tongue, or dancing in the rain, just the little things that make life worth living and make me who I am! ksm

from A girl and a glue gun

oh walt...i love you. (aka disney printables how to

Being different is okay. Being different is you. Be the real you no matter what. Being unique is greatness!



Its the best thing ever to see my friends and people around me smile, but its even better knowing that it was me who made them smile:)))))

You don’t fool me…I wanna kiss that little face!

from Lifehack

20 Quotes For Challenging Times

So happy!!!! I have been praying for this!!!

from I Love My LSI

I like people with depth

"I like people with emotion, A Strong Mind...A Interesting mind...A twisted mind...People who make me smile."