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Hidden Visual Problems – Vision Therapy Solutions - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Central to Peripheral Eye Chart. Dr. Julie Steinhauer explains the eye chart used at Vision For Life that helps to integrate central to peripheral vision and peripheral to central- important skill for reading.

Develop a Specialty in Vision Specialty. Neil Draisin, OD, FCOVD, of Draisin Vision Group in Charleston, SC, recommends developing a specialty in vision therapy as a satisfying and differentiating optometric service--and as a practice builder. He located his vision therapy center at the front of his office so that patients notice it on the way in and ask about it. Many patients become interested once they learn about the benefits of vision therapy.

"Presents ($0.99) is a vision therapy game for kids - or just a casual, no stress and rewarding game for toddlers and young children. It is similar to light board exercises, where a person touches randomly lit up points on a board. This type of vision therapy helps kids develop skills needed for reading.

Vision Therapy - Family Eye Care: "Squiggles. Eye Pursuit activity. Follow the numbers to the letters using your eyes. Often used as a red/green activity." @Mary Powers Powers Devine Therapy Center-for all of our pins, please visit our page at

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6 Exercises To Reverse Bad Posture

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls: Relieve stress, unwind knots, and loosen locked muscles through targeted self-massage therapy

A child w/ strabismus lacks the ability to synchronize their eyes together as a team. 1 eye will turn in or out. But this is not an eye muscle issue. It is a visual brain coordination issue. Effective VT for strabismus must include all functions of the visually-directed motor & sensory functions of the pt. This can be thought of as VT-Synchronicity. Noah (w/ ET) doing a visually guided gross motor activity that helps him integrate the 2 halves of his body. ~from Wow Vision Therapy facebook…

Vision Therapy - Family Eye Care: "Alphabet Tracking trains the eyes to search quickly and accurately."