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Oxnard Police SEU on

Oxnard Police SEU on Twitter: "Barricaded suspect training w/ @OxnardpoliceK9 and OPD HNT. #commitedtopublicsafety"

Your character lives in a world where overpopulation is a huge concern and they've been talking about killing people off. Your character hasn't thought much about it. Until masked figures show up at their door with a gun saying that all teenagers must come with them. (Character must be between 13 and 17)

When Amerikkka decided to become a police state... - Nicky J

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NEW Black BALACLAVA Full Face Mask Neck Warmer Hood Outdoor Winter Sports 3 in 1 Style. POLICE SWAT SKI SNOWBOARD WIND PROOF FACE MASK. Center strap & Elastic Mask allows for a closer fit. To protect your face, ears and neck, this black neck face mask is ideal. | eBay!

Great idea for a duty gear rack. Would like to find the person who originally shared it. I'm guessing 24" wide X 36" tall X 12" deep. 1/2" plywood. Customize to the person who you are building it for

SWAT REPPELING Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today!

Your character has finally caught Terence LaGranger, the leader of the smuggling gang Black Hawks. He was at a break-in at a wealthy house and it went wrong, and he killed a man while getting out, and now you have what you need to arrest him. You show up at his house with a full SWAT team, but to your surprise, he is unarmed and apparently waiting quietly for you. What do you do when a petite fourteen year old girl comes running out after you, sobbing, "You can't take my daddy away!"

I peeked around the corner as a line of men in SWAT uniforms poured into the hallway like a stream of ants out of a flooded anthill. “Drop your guns.”--Clutch

The Cop Caddy! Awesome way to store your gear. Visit: