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My Illustration for the "A Game of Thrones : The Illustrated Edition" 20th Anniversary. Daenerys & Khal Drogo #asoiaf #daenerys #khaleesi

Este obra es de un espectáculo se llama Game of Thrones. La mujer es la madre de dragones y ella es el último persona en su familia se llama Targaryen. Este familia era los reys y reinas del Siete Reinos pero Jamie Lannister mató el rey y toda su familia excepto este mujer y su hermano.

Richard Madden as Robb Stark, Game of Thrones by Anna Mitura Character © George R. R. Martin

papelmarfil: Rickon Stark14/JUL/2014by papelmarfil Haven’t had the chance to watch or read Game of Thrones, but I sure couldn’t deny Ivanobich’s invitation to the GoT Art Jam he organized full of talented mexican illustrators. Such a honor! I got baby Rickon Stark to work with. The other 40 amazing entries can be found at

Hidey ho, and welcome back! That two weeks felt like EONS, am I right? Don't do this to us again, Game of Thrones! (You know they will.) (Probably every ye