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Anatomy Series (Open Arm Surgery) by Taylor C. Kelley. 2011. Acrylic, Pencil, India Ink, & Thread. This is one drawing in a series of five drawings entitled “Anatomy Series”.

from Fubiz Media

Self Portraits Using Parallel Human Body Parts and Food

French photographer Marwane Pallas explores human anatomy in a surprising and interrogative way in his collection of four pictures entitled Doctrine of Signatures.


Cockroach-Infested Heart Art

These are a series of really fun, albeit dark, anatomical heart posters from Derya Ozturk; the series is entitled 'Plantuman.'

from My Modern Met

Anatomically Correct Typographic Skeleton

This is so very awesome! I think I'm going to find it and hang it on my wall in my kitchen! Love you all! Velvet

Polarity Therapy - The General Session. My journey into the world of health care began with Dr. Randolph Stone, who I saw before her passed away in an India. I also had the privilege of spending time with Pierre Pannetier just prior to his passing. Polarity Therapy is the father of Energy Medicine. Dr. Stone's books from the 40's entitled "The Wireless Anatomy of Man" and "Energy" where far ahead of their time and still are.

Natalia Borschiova (1758-1843) was the maid of honor at the court of Catherine II's son Pavel and accompanied him and his wife Maria during their first voyage abroad. She graduated from The Smolniy Institute and became famous for her brilliant voice and talent to perform operas. Married twice she died at the age of 84. She is only 17 y.o. at this portrait. A very interesting detail: her right hand is painted by Levitskiy with a mistake in an anatomy ~

Hermosa Rose. Hippolyte Jamain was a French rose hybridizer who introduced many new species of roses in the 19th century. He published a selection of his most beautiful roses along with other enduring favourites in a wonderful and now scarce work entitled "Les Roses", dedicated to the Duchess of Cambridge. Antique botanical rose illustration.