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a fundamentalist is someone who would cut organs off the collective body of humanity because they think they ARE the whole body.

Never Again is Right Now © Rabbi Menachem Creditor "For every thing there is a time." For Jews, now is the time realize that, though we have our passionate inner tensions as a People, the world sees us as one thing, one group deserving of hatred, unworthy of self-determination, an ever-displaced People. No more. We are wanderers no more. We have come home, and we will defeat those who try to kill us. And there are those in this world who want to kill us. They are trying tonight though…

I will never be done defending my family in Israel. There will likely always be a need. #noapologies

We will fight for our right to breathe and #LiveFree. The whole world is waiting to sing the song of #Shabbat. So breathe deep, and sing the darkness away. Re-soul yourself, and love fiercely. Inner peace takes a whole lot of bravery, determination, and grit. You've got it in you. Life stops for no one. So make the conscious decision to live. You can do it. Start with one breath.

Things never change, except when they do. And sometimes, they really do. It just takes pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing. So, even when they won't change, we can push as if they will. Then they might. Let's all #push4hope.