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Carol from @TRPCottage has a word or two to say about being fabulous at our age and she's funny! 7 Reasons To Embrace Getting Older - The Red Painted Cottage

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17 Funny Dog Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

Every dog owner has came home to this and thought what was he thinking lol now we know


Come here boy…

This is hilarious by itself, but seeing it here after noticing it and showing it to my whole family last year at Kroger makes it even funnier.

from BuzzFeed

26 Pictures That Will Make You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying

These made me cry. Not from laughter, from the stupidity of the human race.

i'm with a bunch of people who were talking, and I bursted out laughing. They all shutup and started looking at me. heheh...


moments in the mommyhood - slacker...well sort of...

i also check behind the shower curtain... you never know!


I was like…

I was like… (omg, I laughed way too hard at this!)

I either overthink what I'm about to say or don't think at all. There's no in between

((Challenge day, you'll play this for me on the piano or an imaginary karaoke track and I'll see if it's at all difficult for me to sing.))