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Researchers are developing a hearing test that may be able to predict autism in children who have not yet exhibited symptoms.

An Italian single-case study described a 12-year-old boy with autism who was given probiotics for four months to treat gastrointestinal symptoms. Besides GI improvement, there was a marked lessening of his core symptoms of autism.

The Dallas Museum of Art has embarked on two programs aimed at the autism community: a quarterly Autism Awareness Family Celebration and a Summer Art Camp for Children with Autism.

Brain Chemical Linked to Social Difficulties in Autistic Children

Stanford University researchers have found that social difficulties in children with autism may be the result of low levels of vasopressin, a hormone that regulates social behavior.

Researchers found that one single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-like social behavior in mice.

Google Glass App Helps Kids with Autism 'See' Emotions

A new app designed for Google Glass helps kids with autism figure out the…

Folinic acid could help children with autism communicate better

A new study found that folinic acid may improve language and communication skills in children on the autism spectrum. This study was partially funded by the Autism Research Institute.

Interestingly, researchers have documented lower rates of autism among Israel's Arab and ultra-Orthodox societies.

A study examining Emergency Department use by adults 22-64 on the autism spectrum between 2006-2011 found that the rate of visits for a psychiatric disorder was nearly four times as high for those with autism versus those without autism.