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16 Tricks Only Real-Deal Travelers Know

16 Tricks Only Real-Deal Travelers Know

Get the book "Sacred Earth" by National Geographic photographer Martin Gray. A portrait of powerspots and sacred sites on this planet. “When humans enter into these energy fields on a pilgrimage, they may experience a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – often extraordinary or miraculous – effects. (...) The sacred sites and their subtle fields of spiritual energy can assist in the transformation of human consciousness and thereby the healing of the Earth.”…

The Mount of Olives is a ridge with three gently rounded peaks that runs north-and-south just northeast of the "old city" section of Jerusalem. It is the site of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem from the there. It is where he wept over the city and is the location of the Garden of Gethsemane where he went to pray the night before his crucifixion and where he was betrayed. Jesus ascended into heaven from the middle peak and it is prophesied that he will return…

Saint of the Day - January 11 - St Theodosius the Cenobiarch Born c 423 Died 529 - Monk, Abbot and Founder of the cenobitic way of monastic life. #pinterest Born at Garissus, Cappadocia (modern Turkey), in 423, he undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and after meeting with the famed St. Simeon Stylites, he entered a monastery. Later, he was named the head of a church between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, but departed to .............| Awestruck Catholic Social Network

The Danube in Serbia, towering white sheets of rock either side (subchapter 23)