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Mom and her husband, James, at the nursing home. Mom sure loved her digital camera and taking pictures but she was always having trouble learning how to use it even though we kept showing her.

For Calle ~ one of Heaven's newest, pure little angels. Only the children are pure and innocent. Rest in Peace, baby girl.

This is not a picture of mom's real church but it is a symbolism of her church. Mom was a co-founder and on the board of directors in the church she helped Reverend Freddie West and the other members create in Tarboro, NC. The church is the United Christian Fellowship and mom was very active in the church and all it's activities. She was a very religious person. She even taught Sunday School to the children.

Derevood Lee Saunders and Mary Hattie Pridgen Saunders, mom's parents. Mom was their only living child (her baby brother died at birth). She was dedicated to them her whole life. When they became elderly and had to go in the nursing home, mom was there every day as long as she was able to, taking care of them and making sure they had what they needed.