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from Saatchi Art

Fire Starter Sculpture by Andrew Barton

"Fire Starter" by Andrew Barton (Mixed Media, 2008)

I'm thinking ....perfect for a beach fire...

5 Ways to Prevent Explosions in Your Kiln | ClayGeek...great info site

Husband: Honey, did you turn the stove off before we left? Wife: Uh.... Yeah. I'm sure I did.

Stability Ball Reverse Leg Lifts Lie face-up so that the middle of your back is centered on a Swiss ball and your feet are on the floor with your knees bent. Reach overhead with both hands to hold your anchor (A). Contract your core muscles, and pull your legs upward until your feet are over your hips (B). Pause for two seconds, then slowly lower your legs back down until they’re a few inches off the ground ©. That’s one rep **If you know that you’re, uh, accident prone, take pr...

from Better Homes and Gardens

Patio Furniture Ideas

Outdoor Living Room This cozy sunken living space, designed for the Chelsea Flower Show in England, is lined with a sectional sofa made from resin-infused wickerlike material, woven basket-style to mimic the texture of natural woven materials. Weatherproof fabrics cover the seat cushions and pillows.

Sioux Woman's Catlinite Effigy Pipe, c. 1870