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This picture is ineffective because of poor colour selection and also no proper lighting on it. It is very hard to read what is written on it unless you go very close and observe

While watching a show online, this image popped up and I thought the number 7 looked really nice. I like the wave aspect that's incorporated which gives it an elegant touch.

I've been poppin' lozenges for the past week and this is one of the ones I've been consuming. The design on this isn't the most effective mostly because of the brand name. Fisherman's Friend sounds more like some sort of fish bait rather than something that is going to calm the sickness in your throat. Nothing about the image relates to the purpose of the product unless they're trying to fish out the phlegm inside of me - which in that case is quite the stretch.

Camera quality is a bust. However, this image of the moon illuminating the night sky looked so much more inspiring in person. It gave me a calm yet mysterious vibe. As for incorporating this into a future design, I could potentially add some spooky elements to make it more Halloween-esque.

This is one of the pages found in my planner. I love the galaxy themed print on this. I find how the colours meld to be very beautiful and interesting. This could be used as a background in a future design.

This is the first number is see when i start my day. I like the numbers 3,6,9 because my father's birthday is on 3rd and mine is on 21st if you add 2+1 is 3. Some numerology.

3d. One of many 'scapes' I moonlit. This is Montreal's waterfront at night with my moon inserted. It could be used as a promotional travel destination ad for Montreal.

3f. This dramatic image works well. The moon and the tents share color. It could be used as an image for a outdoor equipment or adventure travel ad.

2. A Bad Ad. There is no name, description of what this is, or what it does on the package. I asked 6 people in the store and 4 stated they simply didn't know what it was and 2 guessed that it's a freezer pack for kid's lunches.