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So true, If you told me something once i probably remember it sometimes I pretend like I did not so I don't see like a creep

jay z & beyonce. I have always liked this pic....I love the way these two jamdle their business, together and separately

Yep. If it is a situation that I can't say what I really think, then I will say nothing. I don't change my opinion to fit who I am around.

Sporty Girl Skincare Tips... Love sports? But often get told off for being too reckless with your skin. Yea, we all get that once in a while (remember Bend It Like Beckham?) We’re sure you’re getting the same kind of firing too. Well not for long, here’s how you can prove to your mum and all those pesky aunts that you can play sports and have great healthy skin too... Own the look at https://www.estrolo.com/whatstrending/sporty-girl-skincare-tips/

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