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Beat the heat with these end-of-summer getaways

Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, CA -- Whether it’s the authentic polished wood paneling, the original artwork, the Art Deco style or the operable porthole(s), there’s no question that the Queen Mary Hotel is unlike any other Southern California hotel.

10 U.S. Cities Perfect For A Weekend Getaway

Everyone knows NOLA, the partying-est, craziest, drinking-est, convention-going, Mardi-Gras-Parading, jazz-music-playing, levy-bursting, Brad-Pitt-loving, most reputation-rebuilding city in the US...

KLG, Hoda: The best time to travel on Labor Day

Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss the best time head back home after the Labor Day weekend, and whether it’s a good idea to discuss your salary with friends.

8 Simple Ways to Save On Your Next Family Vacation

8 simple ways to save on your next family vacation--awesome travel tips that everyone should know before you plan your next getaway!

Two Perfect Days in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is the perfect West Coast weekend getaway. Make the most of the trip and explore everything it has to offer, we know we would!

5 ways to experience the Oscars through travel

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER – On June Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will open the doors to the world’s most comprehensive and interactive attraction devoted to NASA’s Space Shuttle Program –Space Shuttle Atlantis.SM

Get closer to your food when you travel

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Traveling this Labor Day? Expected to be busiest weekend since 2008

Labor Day could be the busiest travel weekend in nearly 10 years

Vacation selfies: Teens love 'em, parents not so much

Many parents love seeing their kids take selfies on vacation but many adults don't like to pose for them themselves because it distracts from the experience.

Americans Rate Flying on Par With Waiting in Line at the DMV

The results of the CNBC All-America Economic Survey show just how much people don't care for traveling by air.