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"Play is a child's work" ~ Jean Piaget. Articles, studies, and resources to help us (educators and parents alike) to remember the importance of play in a child's life. #homeschool

Story Structure: Linking Your Series Dilemma To Your Pilot Dilemma

Jen Grisanti explains the hot trend of “linking dilemmas” in the TV pilot -- having the series dilemma link to the pilot dilemma.

How to Manage Cell Phones in the Classroom

Cell phones aren't going anywhere, so how do you manage their use in the classroom? Blogger Ben Johnson offers some advice. BONUS: The comments are full of teacher-tested tips & tricks.

How to get around Building Codes and Zoning for Tiny House Living: Greg Johnson of the Small House Society published a video on how city housing codes influence tiny house living. In a 4 minute video he covers a viewers question, “where can you legally put a tiny house on wheels?” Greg does a great job of explaining the problems we face in addition to different ways you can get around them. He also briefly discusses cities that are beginning to allow this type of housing as legal ADUs...

Magic Johnson Discusses His Openly Gay Son, the Hate it Brought & More...Now that it’s out in the open that his son is gay, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has decided to speak out about the situation as well. The NBA legend opened up to TMZ about his son (Earvin Johnson III) being gay and the implications that his coming out will have in the black community, in the sports community and in their lives. The interview is divided into 3 parts … Click to watch all three videos...

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Discusses Quicksilver in THE AVENGERS 2

Host Dakota Johnson discusses starring in Fifty Shades of Grey and how she was conceived the night mom Melanie Griffith hosted SNL in 1988.