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From a mom point of view, my favorite aspects have been the videos that show the science and the journals we have started. What may sound all complicated in science-speak becomes much more understandable when those words are not only explained but you can see just what is happening. My children are all learning observational skills. They are learning about the scientific method and how to take notes, predict what will happen and record results. #homeschool #hsreviews

A Journey Through Learning has a #Lapbook for All ~ a Schoolhouse Crew #hsReviews

Our Homeschool Studio: Thankful for Homeschooling (and the Flexibility this Lifestyle Gives)

Homeschooling with little ones. Love the idea of making your own CD for the kids with things like your address, bible verses, songs, manners, ect.

This women is genius! A list of daily morning activities/tasks for the kids during summer break to keep their bodies and brains active and their house clean.