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The sea is my favorite place, it has seen enough to be the wisest it need be. It has done enough to know how to care for us all. It has burnt in the sun, and splashed with us, why can't we all stay there forever??? My quote♥ of the day... From myself

15 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World (Part II)

Yes I am aware that Shakespeare is misspelled, and that the origin of this quote is shrouded in mystery. "The earth hath music for those who listen." Love the sounds I hear..

M • 26 • ♀ • Canadaplant-based and vegan, ethical consumer, anti-capitalist, anti-elitist, radical feminist, aspiring yogi, Mother Nature is my religion."Don't let numbers tell you what to do. You are blood and Earth, not theory and chalk."