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@Kara Morehouse Morehouse Lucas @Meredith Dlatt Dlatt Booey Could this be more Vettacor? ..rh

Exterior Doors | If you dare, a plank door painted pink to create a totally unique entry on a white house.

artoftheez:End-of-March SketchesJust what I’ve been up to yesterday and today. :) I’m gearing up for writing the next two chapters of Valiard and with that comes a lot of sketching. Need to get the pictures out of my system before I can work on the words. xD

I keep wanting to add a labyrinth in this book, although I have no clue where I would? I guess I won't know until I write it all.

I hope who ever lives here, doesn't have children. Can you imagine the nightmares?

And not being allowed to open it until near the end of the game. >:|

Gothic Night. The Goblin Ball: Ember Rule, Melbourne, Australia. 14th June 2014