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Lee Friedlander - Reflections and cars.

[L] by Julian Holtom Photography "As an artist my aim is to portray beauty in its imperfect form that can evoke new meaning to the beholder’s eyes. My work is dedicated to the Burn survivor community around the world; not only to represent all other burn survivors but to encourage and inspire greater self esteem."

Figure: this black and white photo shows the outline of the person in the reflection of the window. this photo is also an example of triangular balance in a portrait.

sam taylor wood photography decay - Google Search

A2 Art- Personal Investigation, Unit 3 (Natural Forms)

Photo transfer plus creative use of found objects

Multiple images Final Piece. Focusing on applying art within photography, creating a strong contrast between colours. The main inspiration for this final piece was developed from Charlotte Caron. I was able to used the observational images from Malawi. The background of the image was scratched into using a carving knife. The image in the background focuses on the combination of two locations.

formula: Photography: Idris Khan, Michael Wesely and Darren Almond