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The name of the woman is not known but the photograph was taken by Walter Wataru Muramoto (1915-1984), an amateur photographer from Redondo Beach, California.

from Fashion Gone Rogue

Du Juan by Zach Gold for Style SCMP April 2011

Couleurs et Motifs

Festive/ceremonial costume of some Alevi-Türkmen villages in the NW part of the Sivas province. 1970-2000 (and still in use). Mind the beadwork items: ‘saç bağı’ (hear ties, falling down from the back of the hat) & ‘bel bağı’ (waistband); both have 12 tassels, symbolizing the Alevi belief in the 12th imam, an ultimate savior of humankind who will emerge with Isa (Jesus Christ) and fulfill their mission of bringing peace and justice. (Kavak Costume Collection-Antwerpen/Belgium).

A GEISHA WIDE AWAKE INSIDE HER OWN DREAM by Okinawa Soba - (old pics are from a shoe box full of Late-Meiji and Early-Taisho era images (1900-1920) showing Japanese girls in a range of atypical poses and dress. This particular print was made about 1905-10)