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Practically since the Book of Mormon was published, its geography has been the subject of discussion and debate. John L. Sorenson, one of the foremost students

Why Was Abish Mentioned by Name? by Book of Mormon Central | Meridian Magazine - | Abish was remarkable for many reasons. First, she is one of the few named women in the Book of Mormon. Here are the other reasons she stands out.

Did you know that Jacob masterfully creates a play on words with the Hebrew terms “Son” and “Stone” in the Book of Mormon? Learn how this play on words, along with his very obvious references to three different sources in the Bible, helps us better understand his transition to the Allegory of the Olive Tree. #Christ #Stone #OliveTree #Mormon #LDS #BookofMormon #Knowhy

Did you know that “the original Book of Mormon chapter divisions ignore the chapter system found in the King James Bible”? Instead, as other scholars have noted, the Book of Mormon’s division of Isaiah follows an intricate and larger literary or thematic scheme. Find out more at #Isaiah #LDS #Mormon #BookofMormon #Translation

Not only does the presence of chiasmus, parallelisms, & other repeating patterns provide evidence for the Book of Mormon’s Hebraic roots, it also helps modern readers appreciate the beauty of the text and focus their attention on the key points of rich doctrine that it contains. #Chiasmus #Parallelisms #Mormon #LDS #BookofMormon #Knowhy

Learn about the ancient practice of subscriptio, where introductory information is placed at the end of the text, and how this relates to the Words of Mormon and the Title Page of the Book of Mormon. Learn more at #Subscriptio #Mormon #LDS #BookofMormon #Knowhy