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'A Marine & Seaman fishing off the Anchor on board the Pallas in Senegal Road, Jany 75' [Bray album]. 29 -30 January 1775. National Maritime Museum.

A Regency needlework silk picture- “The Sailor’s Farewell”, depicting a Tar leaving a weeping woman in front of a domestic setting with stumpwork trees. From Jane Austen Centre, Bath.

'Taking water for Vauxhall. Be cautious my love - don't expose your leg.' British, etching, published by Robert Sayer, 1790. A visit to Vauxhall Gardens usually involved crossing the river. A young man hands a pretty young woman into a wherry which a young waterman, who is apparently standing in the water on the further side of the boat, holds against the landing-place. She raises her petticoats, the waterman stares at her legs.

The Crew | HMS VictoryThe ship’s Captain and nine commissioned officers were in overall charge of the ship and the crew, whilst warrant officers like the Boatswain, Gunner, Carpenter, Surgeon and Purser were specialists responsible for a single aspect. The Master, for example, looked after navigation and the ship’s log. The Royal Marines provided the ship’s fighting force and numbered 11 officers and 135 privates.