"British Infantrymen of a Royal Regiment in an Encampment" by an unknown artist (1760) at the National Army Museum, London - While soldiers were billeted in inns and houses when they were stationed in a town or garrison, while on campaign, they were in camps much like this one. The woman and baby in the foreground would also have been a common sight: camp followers (including a restricted number of soldiers' wives) were allowed to stay in order to help with chores in the camp (ex. laundry).

The Jovial Gipsies, A family gathered in front of a pitched tent, with a woman on the right stiring a pot on an open fire, three couples sitting nearby, including a woman plucking a goose, with a dog and a donkey on the left, a woman filling her cup standing behind the main group and a man approaching with a bundle of firewood in the background. 1794 British Museum 2010,7081.1192

1730-1786 Portrait of David Garrick as the drunken sailor in Mallet's 'Britannia at The British Museum Registration number 1863,0214.758

John Sell Cotman, 1782-1842, British, Caricature of a Sailor (One of a Set of Three), ca. 1799, Watercolor and gouache on medium smooth bright white wove paper. Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.

Captain Lord George Graham, 1715-47, in his Cabin - Captain Lord George Graham in his Cabin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New Scholarship on the Press Gang - Part 1 of 2

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