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A Rescue or the Tars Triumphant, 1768 British Museum

Navy Uniforms were traditionally blue. Whether we get blue or red will depend mostly on available stock.

British Tars, 1740-1790: colored jacket

'A Marine & Seaman fishing off the Anchor on board the Pallas in Senegal Road, Jany 75' [Bray album]. 29 -30 January 1775. National Maritime Museum.

British Tars, 1740-1790: A view of the Endeavour's watering place in the Bay of Good Success, 1769

Sebast.n Cabbot 1st English Sailor, 1750-1770. British Museum

Paul Sandby, Mid 18th Century. A woman with a wheelbarrow of vegetables. British Museum.

Thomas Rowlandson. Accommodation. Or lodgings to let at Portsmouth! 1808. British Museum.

The Crew | HMS VictoryThe ship’s Captain and nine commissioned officers were in overall charge of the ship and the crew, whilst warrant officers like the Boatswain, Gunner, Carpenter, Surgeon and Purser were specialists responsible for a single aspect. The Master, for example, looked after navigation and the ship’s log. The Royal Marines provided the ship’s fighting force and numbered 11 officers and 135 privates.