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Universe in a drop Opal Necklace, Lightcatcher Moonstone Necklace & Pearl Lariat by Long Lost Jewelry

Can't wait to see all you ladies in your Bioluminescence Necklaces after Xmas By Long Lost Jewelry #longloststudio

BIOLUMINESCENCE Arrowhead Necklace

Bioluminescence is a naturally occurring phenomena that takes place in certain areas around the world (Maldives, Costa Rica & Australia to name a few) where

4k solid white gold & 14k solid yellow gold Opal Necklaces by Long Lost Jewelry <3 . We are adding these and more on white and yellow gold tomorrow ✨

Repost from @shandweeze MerPearl Bracelet @ Mini Riggings Keshi Pearl Necklace by Long Lost Jewelry

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Opal Ring Sterling Silver and Opal Ring Made with synthetic Opal Part of our 'Mermaid' Collection