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Breathing Relaxes Kids, Decrease Stress - what a wonderful way to teach kids this technique

So far my fav video for kids. The 'popcorn' and 'washing machine' parts are a favorite in our house. Namaste Yoga 31: Kids Yoga with Guest Instructor Mai Meret

Yoga-Inspired Creative Movement Games for Kids

OMazing Kids & Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids / Bambino Yoga are co-hosting a poll and “A Way to Give” giveaway to find out the Top 10 Favorite Storybooks for Yoga of the kids yoga community! Enter by 11:59pm PST June 30, 2013. See details at

Lots of very good feather prop ideas for yoga - “Find the Feather,” is an intuition game.  Invite one yogi to be the “seeker”, and ask her to hide in the corner of the room, with no peeking.  Then, hide the feather under another yogi’s mat. Invite the seeker back and ask her to guess where the feather is hiding.  Talk about what it means to “go with your gut” and use your intuition.  You’d be amazed how many times the yogi will find the feather on the first or second try!