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And Sherlock wonders why he can sometimes hear John quietly bang his head over and over against the wall in the early hours of the morning.

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27 Times The Sherlock Fandom Won Tumblr

So very, truly, extremely real. | 27 Times The Sherlock Fandom Won Tumblr

This might be every appearance of the purple shirt so far. I think we're all good here... // You're welcome.

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Community Post: 12 Traits Of A True "Sherlock" Fan

Your password to everything is "I AM SHERLOCKED"

insane sherlock fandom | brb dying.

Don't know if it's so funny to me because it says John or if it's because it's Sherlock and he would do this.... LOL.


Dip your toe into the meme stream (40 Photos)


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Just Sherlock and Moriarty poetry

Could this be any perfecter. <<< Sherlock would put you behind bars for the misspelling of this word.

The only version where the answer is always "The victim did it!" The weapons are mercury-laced chocolate, suicide pills, and black origami lotuses...and Army issued Brownings, of course. You supply your own homoerotic subtext. The perfect game to play with your friends...except you don't have "friends."