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No More Muffin Tops - Oblique Exercises: my visual workout created at • Click through to customize and download as a FREE PDF! #customworkout

Neon Tree frog / nature gets more amazing the more you research such species on line / colours you are sure are photoshopped as colours look so unnatural turn out to be genuine / the vibrant colour is simply to show other predators that they are not edible as contain powerful poison / no good them finding this out once they eat the tree frog / better for both to know this fact immediately ☑️

WHYYYYYYY | Very true, though. Bucky seems like he can handle anything, keep his cool regardless—until the prospect of no more Steve Rogers enters the scene. Steve's about to burn in the factory? Bucky is screaming. Steve's about to get shot? Bucky becomes suicidally brave. And when he finally remembers enough of himself, and Steve, to realize that Steve Rogers is dying and it's his fault—that's what breaks him. The one thing he can't endure is "without you."

Margaret Hamilton had burns on her face and hand due to poorly designed contraptions. After recuperating from her second and third-degree burns she said, I won't sue, because I know how this business works, and I would never work again. I will return to work on one condition — no more fireworks! Source

Stuck at home and can't make it to the gym to workout? No problem! Here is my version of the "Commercial Break" Workout. Do this while watching your favorite TV show and you'll burn 200 or more calories. Download and print this pic. Blast that fat! Try it and let me know how it worked for you.

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This Candle Burns In Loving Memory, Wedding Sign, Memorial Table, Black & white, DIY Printable, INSTANT DOWNLOAD, wedding Table, whitesuite

This Candle Burns In Loving Memory Wedding Sign by TheArtyApples

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Sometimes we come across items that make so much sense that they should really be a part of the original product and not some add on gadget. Like the Silicone Oven Rack Guard. It’s simply a pair of silicone guards that line the outer edge of your oven racks and allow you to pull the oven racks out with your bare hands. No need for pot holders, oven mitts, or towels, the silicone stays cool up to 450 degrees. They cost less than $10 for a set of two - Click image to find more Products…

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Awesome Free Dingbat Fonts for Chalkboards

Awesome Free Dingbat Fonts for Chalkboards! ~~ {16 free fonts w/ easy download links ~~ Bodoni Ornaments is NOT a free font, so be careful if you download it from the link on this blog}