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Counting & Cardinality Kindergarten Common Core Bundle Printables & Activities

Adding Within 10 Task Card Activities for Kindergarten or First Grade Math

Counting Forward - A Kindergarten Common Core Aligned Counting Game (K.CC.A.2)

K.CC.A.2 - Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence (instead of having to begin at 1).

Subtracting Within 10 Task Card Activities for Kindergarten or First Grade Math

Primary students learn when best using all their senses. I always like to provide a hook for each math lesson. The hook can be a simple two minute video, a short puppet show, a physical object th…

Morning Work: Math


Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate 100's Day in kindergarten? Turn your classroom into a spy lab! Zero the Hero has been taken by Devious Agent 99 in an effort to stop the 100th day of school from happening. Your students will become secret agents as they work on missions to gain clues as to Zero the Hero's whereabouts. Lots of ideas, hands-on activities, and printables to make your 100th day of school unforgettable!

Kindergarten Unit: Chinese New Year

This product includes two read alouds, a list of books on Chinese New Year, two crafts, a math center on counting coins, a write the room activity and a reader as well as a coloring sheet. While this product is designed for kindergarten, it can be used in a PreK and 1 classroom.

Adding and Subtracting Task Card Activities for Kindergarten or 1st Grade Math

Adding and Subtracting Within 10 Math Bundle of 48 Task Cards for Kindergarten and First Grade