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I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, too many people do nowadays. Trump & Republican supporters can dish out the criticism and hate, but they definitely can't take it. They also refuse to listen to reason and truth from legit news sources.

Thomas Jefferson Quote (About friendship, opinion, politics, religion). If TJ were alive now, in wonder if he'd still stand by this.


never judge someone by the opinion of others Truth. Discipline your mouth. Our words matter: you never know what someone will believe about another just because someone alluded to a conclusion about them.

The way I am . . take my side even when I AM wrong.  If you are my real friend you will.

My BFF will cut you if you even look like you might hurt me! At least she has for the last 49 years, we'll see if it last!

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TRUST quotes quote trust truth advice inspiration support understand real talk life quote ~This is exactly the type of a relationship I want!

This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes, Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips, Sunsets to warm your heart, Hugs when spirits sag, Beaut…

This is my wish for you: Comfort - Smiles - Rainbows - Laughter - Sunsets - Hugs - Beauty - Friendships - Faith - Confidence - Courage - Patience - Love.

Friendship means you are no more important than the other ~Suresh Gundappa  http://sureshg.wordpress.com/2006/12/01/friendship-means-you-are-no-more-important-than-the-other/

A true friend tells you what you need to hear People never really want the truth though or maybe I've never had true friends?

"Coffee with friends is just a long way to say "Therapy"

2012 Sneak Peek #3

"Coffee with friends is really just a long way to say 'therapy' " -- Curly Girl truth

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