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A snake charmer shares the stage with a magician who is about to saw his assistant in half. Ralph Chessé papers C0224, Box 1, Folder 19. Special Collections and Archives, George Mason University.

Hansel and Gretel 1937 Design for cow costume. George Mason University Special Collections and Archives.

Horace Goldin (17 December 1873 – April 22, 1939) was a stage magician who was noted for his lightning fast presentation style and who achieved international fame with his versions of the Sawing a woman in half illusion.

HARRY LEON COLLINS APRIL 27, 1920 - MAY 3, 1985 Famous magician and life-long spokesman for the Frito Lay Companies. Collins was also hero and inspiration to fellow prestidigitator Lance Burton. Collins' grave in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.

The magnificent 1915 letterhead of Chung Ling Soo, a magician who, in 1918, died after his “bullet catch” trick went tragically wrong on stage.

This is a business card with blank areas for the name and address of a "Professional Hypnotist" who promises "Hypnotism Thoroughly Taught. Charges Reasonable", "Diseases cured without medicine", and "public and private Exhibitions Given." I have seen hypnosis indirect