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Pleasures and Treasures

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The beautiful good morning coffee quotes with pictures. enjoy sharing these beautiful and funny coffee quotes with your beloved ones and have a great morning.

Think about getting geetered.  Everone does.  Geetered coffeeFIEND.

wake up drink coffee then think // life motto. nothing happens until i drink my coffee.


Thinking of you and wish I could hug you.Coffee = hug in a mug! So true. Love this little quote as some kitchen art print.

What your coffee says about you: I Make my own: Iced VENTI Quad Espresso that also contains a shot of the Vanilla bean, Cinnamon and splenda with some non-fat milk making it a Latte with 2 extra shots... I also drink Iced coffee and coffee to go... and coffee to go is my go-to at home where my custom latte 4 shots of espresso is my starbucks choice... What does that make me? (Other than a caffeine addict!) LOL

What your coffee says about you [infographic]. Ha I love them all! I agree with the one that says frappuccino bc I really do just love me some ice cream