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30 Day photo challenge Day 1: Self-portrait 2: What you wore today 3: Clouds 4: Something green 5: high angle 6: low angle 7: Fruit 8: A bad habit 9: Someone you love 10: Childhood memory 11: Something blue 12: Sunset 13: Yourself w/ 13 things 14: Eyes 15: Silhouette 16: Long Exposure 17: Technology 18: Your shoes 19: Something orange 20: Bokeh 21: Faceless self-portrait 22: Hands 23: Sunflare 24: Animal 25: pink 26: Close-up 27: From a distance 28: Flowers 29: Black & white 30…

from PositiveMed


It's not about how much you do, its about how you feel. Running isn't just a workout but a passion to push beyond your own strength to prove the impossible. To take the world head on and taking one step at a time to reach the goal, once its behind you there is no going back, all thats left is the path ahead.

P.P. April 1-Self Portrait 2-What I Wore 3-Clouds 4-Something Green 5-After Dark 6-Obsession 7-Changes To Come 8-Routine 9-Someone You Love 10-Childhood Memory 11-Something Blue 12-Sunset 13-Cannot Live Without 14-Eyes 15-Silhouette 16-A Good Habit 17-Technology 18-Your Shoes 19-Something You Want 20-In My Bag 21-Faceless Self Portrait 22-Inspirational 23-Patterns 24-Animals 25-Strangers 26-Close-Up 27-Celebration 28-Flowers 29-Black & White 30-Self Portrait