love this placement

love the saying "fluctuat nec mergitur" (she is tossed by the waves but does not sink) --what is up with me and all the anchors!

"I thought I'd upload a more recent picture of this tattoo. Dads last 3 heartbeats;I miss you more and more each day." Love this idea, gonna do this, but add Dad's Sun sign on one end and maybe "Love, Dad" from one of my cards he signed.

"Dad's last 3 heartbeats…" Wow. This is probably one of the most meaningful tattoos I have ever seen. Maybe I could do this for baby's first heart beats

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Check Out 30 Beautiful Mother Daughter Tattoos. Mother the most important woman in every daughter’s life. There’s always a special bond between a mother and a daughter. Every daughter and mother can confirm this statement.

tattoo of childs name in child's handwriting...swooon!  I already have my daughter's written out from when she was 5 - now I just need the money to add it to my wrist.

25 More Tattoo Ideas for Moms

This mom froze time on her wrist, capturing her children's handwriting. I really want to do this someday! Sooooo yea, I think I found what I want to do with my kids' names!