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Cats are great nappers, and they do need a lot of sleep. But did you know they can be affected by sleep disorders? Learn what you need to know here.

Elizabeth Blackadder (1931) pastel, Sleeping cat, signed, 16 x 23in.

weird sleeping cats | They also spend a lot of time sleeping on each other.

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The Official Guide To Sleeping Like A Cat

It’s also a lot of opportunity to perfect the art of sleeping. And perfect it, these cats have. This is your guide to emulating the most complicated techniques of the feline sleeping experts. | The Official Guide To Sleeping Like A Cat

* * " Yoo knowz dis izn'ts de ways me likes to sleeps. Takes yer Photo Fun Fest and letz me outta heres."

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Millennials Are Drinking So Much Wine They're Changing How It's Sold

Cat naps - Sleepy Sleeps

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15 Disasterous Situations Only Cat Owners Understand

For pets that sleep half the day away, they sure get into a lot of trouble.