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Dean cares so much about the people he loves...

Jared and West is always the best. (Yes I did rhyme that on purpose)

spnaturalsource: “ NerdHQ 16 | Jensen, Jared and Misha demonstrating their CW smolders #2 ‘The first year I went to the Upfront with you guys, you guys, at that point, had absolutely perfected the CW smolder. So we got up to the red carpet to do the...

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'Supernatural': 6 Exclusive Photos

'Supernatural': 4 Exclusive Photos | Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki |

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Misha Collins, i'm officially dead. Credit :

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oh Misha LOL ^_^ || Misha thanks to people who came out to AMOK #Misha and West Collins

It's much more than worship, Misha. Much, much more. IM NOT EVEN IN THIS FANDOM LEMME NOTE THAT!