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Working on the mouth part. Why I need Jesus. Just because you were born that way doesn't mean you stay that way. Grow in Jesus!!

I’ve reblogged this before but I’m doing it again because: A. Noya looks so very uncomfortable in front of a crowd. Probably because he’s not allowed to move and that’s the worst thing to do to such an energetic child. B. Tanaka thinks he’s being so very very sneaky. C. Suga DOESN’T EVEN LOOK. He just slaps that hand out of the air on pure instinct. Those are some top-notch mom skills, they are.


An entry from Emilialua

" Would you help me, because I still do feel so horribly lonely ... and I just can't find my place in this World " ~ Morrissey / 'Ouija Board '

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My real mom spent even care about me drugs are more important to her my real dad doesn't want to know my my "mom" now only so calls love me because she feels like she has to and she got stuck with me cause the state pleased me with her every one I ever loved either dyes or ends up getting to know the real me leaves and I understand why

Guys I can't help it. I hate feelings. Why do they exist? I get so frustrated. With myself and other people. I feel like a second option. I feel like I'm not good enough. I get so mad at little things I do. I can't help it. I hate school. I hate it. Nobody realizes how much things affect me because I always seem happy. Oh well.

Who knew that all of the time spent in elementary school making 'skin' was really just preparing me to be a mom!

papay-a: s-o-u-l—m-a-t-e: jungle-babies: Why does the baby have blue eyes and the mom has yellow eyes? I don’t think that’s your child mama leopard. ^lol :)

Fan Art of Azula and Ursa. I don't like Azula but this is sad.