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Lola Sémonin, alias La Madeleine Proust, vous attend ce week-end à la Foire aux Livres de Belfort

Proust's and jealousy. Motown Appearances - Shindig! (1/2) ( 2/2 (

Redonner à Illiers les clefs de Combray. C’est aux côtés du maire, Bernard Puyenchet, que Mohic Bezault-Lavergne a présenté son ouvrage samedi à l’office de tourisme. - Anfray Chantal

Illiers-Combray: "Virginia Proust and her two grandchildren, Marcel right and Robert left (maybe late 1876). Both children wear hats and skirt as was the custom then imposing these clothes for boys until their sixth birthday." From: (

Du 11 au 15 Novembre, à la Librairie Le Feu Follet, venez fêter les 100 ans de Du côté de chez Swann en dégustant un thé avec des madeleines...

The Five Longest Proust Sentences

Proust at the Morgan Library

"The scene: Exhibition of 100th anniversary of “Swann’s Way" occupies the Thaw Gallery, an intimate space where you can’t help but overhear your neighbors’ conversations. A husband strides in excitedly, towing his wife, who appears a bit mystified.** Husband (staring intently at one of Proust’s manuscripts, written longhand in school composition books--clearly he is a fan): “This is amazing.”Wife: “What’s the big deal with Proust again?” Husband: “It’s a long story." From NYTimes' Tom…