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Proust wrote like Jackie Wilson performed: "That's Why (I Love You So)" Performed on The Ed Sullivan Show 1962 ( ---More live: ---More "Danny Boy"

Illustration de l’internationale proustienne | Le fou de Proust. Yes, like threads in a tapestry....all connected. Patrice Louis discovers Eugene Wyatt, a Proustian on GoodReads 2013: The Year of Reading Proust. ;

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"If you don't like Proust or Hemingway, perhaps it's not that they're bad writers, but that you're a bad reader" By Allan Massie Literature Last updated: December 18th, 2012. "Last week The Spectator invited some 15 or 16 writers – novelists and journalists – to name “the classic books they most dislike”, and say why they do so. This is of course an agreeable after-dinner game, if not quite on a par with that one in which you are faced with a choice of [...] "

Exhibit in Madrid via Kalliope: See Jacques-Emile Blanche's "Marcel Proust." Visual tour: Fundación Mapfre. "Once you 'enter' on the right of the screen there will be a list of the rooms... If you click on "El Indiscreto encanto de la Burguesia" (the indiscreet charm of the bourgeoisie - based on Buñuel's film)... in a purple room, next to a portrait of Victor Hugo, you will find our Marcel." Thanks, Kalliope!!

little augury blog: a poem by PROUST. "...Odette received her intimates... in the bright and billowing silk of a Watteau housecoat whose flowering foam she would make as though to rub gently over her bosom..." MP. Don't say I didn't warn you...visually addictive. (

"Have you wanted to read Proust but were intimidated by Proust? Well here's your chance for a novel introduction to one of his classics." | Ann Arbor District Library

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Proust’s Lemon Madeleines

Eating My Words: Marcel Proust’s Evocative Madeleines. by REBECCA PETERS-GOLDEN on DECEMBER 19, 2013 Proust's lemon madeleines, via

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The Most Reclusive Authors Of All Time

Introvert? Extrovert? In truth, social skills don’t so much matter when you’re one of the foremost literary talents of your generation, deftly able to one-up society with the merest flick of a quill or touch of a typewriter key. And yet it can’t be sheer coincidence that many of the most accomplished authors in the world have been enigmatic to the point of vanishing into thin air, their aura only benefiting from this furtive nature which, in some cases, bordered as much on ...