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demonstrating the growth of a biomaterial using nothing other tan sugary tea and bacteria, suzanne lee's 'eco-textile' is grown in flat sheets which are then cut to shape, sewn together or moulded over forms.

3D Textiles - jacket with sculptural stacked layers - fabric manipulation; constructed textiles for fashion design // Steven Tai

Stone Island's Heat Reactive Jacket

03/05/2015 - Smart textiles Heat Reactive Jacket by Stone Island, a tracksuit top which changes colour from black to green/ blue once it has reached 27 degrees. The fabric that is cotton nylon with thermosentive liquid crystals that react to heat.

not so pattern-based, more like its painted on- interesting use of quilting to pad out a garment into a coat

woven textiles design for fashion - jacket with ribbon weave structure; fabric manipulation; garment construction detail // miriam ponsa